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Missouri Prime Beef Packers:

We specialize in -


Food Safety

Food Safety begins with our people. Each of our team members goes through extensive food safety training and each is subject to random exams of their understanding of our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan. To compliment our vigilant team, we have carefully selected equipment and service providers that will enhance our pledge to safe food.


Animal and Environmental Wellness

We have worked with top experts in the animal industry, including Dr. Temple Grandin, Bud Williams, and Tom Noffsinger to design corrals, feeding locations, and processing plant facilities to minimize stress to the cattle. Additionally, our production operations are each audited by the Global Animal Partnership which includes high standards.


Product Traceability

We utilize Trolley Vision to track the carcass through the harvesting process and Canopy in the fabrication process to accurately trace the source of each beef product leaving the plant. We see tremendous value in traceability throughout the supply chain starting with the ranch where animals are born.


Product Freshness

A key component of the Missouri Prime Beef Packers plant is the Pallet-Link manufactured by Power Food Technology. This system has the capacity to reduces freezing and chilling times by up to 200%. This expedited chilling technology allows for the product to cool to an optimal fresh or frozen temperature in order to maintain freshness and extend shelf life.